Tutoring in Maths and Science (in English, Italian, Spanish, German) Sailing classes, support and coaching
Tutoring in Maths and Science (in English, Italian, Spanish, German) Sailing classes, support and coaching
Smooth Sailing Tutoring & Coaching
Smooth Sailing Tutoring & Coaching 

Teaching, tutoring, and lecturing

In 2016-2017, I worked as Physics and Maths teacher (in English and German) for the whole school year at a bilingual school in Menlo Park, CA.


Previously, I worked both in the academia and the industry, and I always had the fortune to be

a tutor/mentor for university students of various faculties (Physics, Maths, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Computational Linguistics).

I have worked as a teacher of English (ESL), Physics and Maths, and I have given plenty of lectures

and talks in different countries, on various topics, and to diversified audiences.

Here are some of my most significant achievements and positions in Education:


- MYP Science Teacher in Menlo Park, CA (August 2016 - July 2017);


- lecturer of "Physics of Sailing" at OCSC, Berkeley, CA (February 2017);


- lecturer of the training "Introduction to Natural Language Processing" for the software developers and computational linguists at Incubio - The Big Data Academy, Barcelona, Spain (March-April 2015);


- lecturer of "Physics of Sailing" for the instructors at the sailing school Escola Garbí in Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain (July 2014 - January 2016);


- teacher of courses of English (ESL) at Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice, Italy (10-hour courses

organized and held fully by myself every 6 months, 2004 - 2006);


- tutor for the Ph.D.-level course of "Linear Algebra" (held by Prof. Mary Beth Ruskai) at ICTP in Trieste, Italy (June 2009);


- tutor for the course of "Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics" (held by Prof. Martin Plenio) for undergraduate Physics students at University of Ulm, Germany (Summer semesters 2010-2011);

- lecturer of "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics" for senior students of the high-school Stefanini,

in Mestre (Venice), Italy (April 2011);

- speaker on "Quantum Transport in Biological Systems" for the Open Day of the University of Ulm,

Germany (June 2011).


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