Tutoring in Maths and Science (in English, Italian, Spanish, German) Sailing classes, support and coaching
Tutoring in Maths and Science (in English, Italian, Spanish, German) Sailing classes, support and coaching
Smooth Sailing Tutoring & Coaching
Smooth Sailing Tutoring & Coaching 


I started sailing as a teenager, mainly on Flying Junior dinghies, but then moved to the Hobie

Cat 16 catamaran when I turned 18.
I competed in the local and national Italian Hobie Cat 16 regattas around many lakes and the

coast of Italy regularly from 2000 to 2004.
Over the years, I have competed in many IMS regattas around Italy as well as in the 'Barcolana',

a famous, traditional regatta that takes place every October in Trieste, Italy.

My role in these yacht regattas was usually as tactician or trimmer.


Since moving to the Bay area in 2016, I have participated in several different types of sailing activities, including: 

- racing Hobie Cats (16, 18, 20) in the North-American championships 2016 & 2017; 

- racing on various keelboats (J22, J24, J32, Flying Tiger 10, Express 35) as trimmer; 

- teaching sailing to people who are blind, visually impaired, or otherwise disabled; 

- skippering a Dufour 375 from Long Beach, L.A., CA to Cataliona Island, CA (August 2017) for a group of blind, visually impaired, or otherwise disabled women; 

- teaching sailing and racing at the Women's Sailing Seminar in Alameda, CA (September 2017);

- working as Program Manager at a sailing center in the Bay Area.


Apart from competitions and regattas, I possess a long experience as sailor, having spent

many years sailing around Italy (Adriatic and Tyrrhenean Seas), Croatia (Adriatic Sea), and now also California.
I possess the skipper license ("Patente nautica") and I also delivered yachts, e.g. from Sanremo

to Ventotene (Italy), as a part-time job when I was a university student.


In partnership with a friend, I owned a TopCat catamaran, a small Piviere 6.14 ( about 19 ft) yacht and a 30-ft iron yacht, which we all bought run-down and second hand. Therefore, with my friend's

help, I had to do plenty of maintenance work on those boats we owned. I enjoyed this valuable experience and was able to make use of it again in the summer 2014, when I collaborated at the sailing school Escola Garbí near Barcelona, Spain, by helping them with the maintenance of their catamarans.


Sailing remains one of my strongest passions and I regularly sail catamarans and keelboats as well

as organize and deliver "Physics of Sailing" lectures to sailing schools and yacht clubs.


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