Tutoring in Maths and Science (in English, Italian, Spanish, German) Sailing classes, support and coaching
Tutoring in Maths and Science (in English, Italian, Spanish, German) Sailing classes, support and coaching
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One of my first memories as a child happened when I was about 7 years old. There were two

adjacent rooms in our house, with a door separating them. I remember noticing that, when

one room was dark and the other was lit, by opening the door between them the light shone

from the lit room to the dark room but the darkness did not spread from the dark room to the

lit one. I remember very clearly asking myself why it should be so: why did the light go from

one room to the other, but not the darkness. And I am pretty sure that was my first direct

encounter with Physics.


Maths and Physics always were my favorite subjects in school and, after high-school in the humanities, I went on to study Physics at university. I got my BS in Physics, then my MS in

Theoretical Physics and finally my PhD in Mathematical Physics with a thesis in Quantum

Information Theory.


After my PhD, I completed a post-doc of almost two years at the University of Ulm, in Germany,

where I did research on the topic of quantum transport in biological systems and chains of

"superconducting qubits".

Moreover, during the summer semesters 2010-2011, I did the tutorial lessons for the course

of "Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics" (held by Prof. Martin Plenio) for undergraduate

Physics students at the University of Ulm.


Although I left academic research after my first post-doc, Physics still continues to be a very important part of my life. Once a Physicist always a Physicist -- that is how I feel!

I constantly use physical and mathematical concepts in my current job as Program Manager at a sailing center where I am developing a "STEM & Sailing" program for elementary- and middle-school students in the Bay Area.

Furthermore, I always try and engage in projects involving Physics and Science outreach. For instance, I often tutor students in Maths and Physics; I have been collaborating with various sailing schools in the Bay Area and in Europe, by giving "Physics of Sailing" lessons to the sailing instructors as well as to the students/clients; I have given several academic and non-academic talks, on various scientific and technological topics, including Physics, Maths, and Natural Language Processing (A.I.).


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